Abbott Purchase Planner in Des Plaines, Illinois

At Abbott, we're committed to helping people live their best possible life through the power of health. For more than 125 years, we've brought new products and technologies to the world -- in nutrition, diagnostics, medical devices and branded generic pharmaceuticals -- that create more possibilities for more people at all stages of life. Today, 99,000 of us are working to help people live not just longer, but better, in the more than 150 countries we serve.

Develops and executes practices relating to catalog parts, boards, services, non-inventory items and make subassembly analysis in support of the planning and procurement of goods and services for the site and commercial operations worldwide.

Develops and executes practices to manage the flow of material between suppliers, manufacturing areas and internal customers.

Ensures maximum resource utilization.

Conducts and documents negotiations for awarded business.

Creates and manages area or country product/shipment allocations during times of short supply to minimize variances of reagent sales.

Participates in program design reviews ensuring timely availability of material to support product design.

Manages material procurement and WW distribution of spare parts inventory.

Optimizes inventory, customer service and profitability of each commercial operations area.

Develops WW communications between areas, countries and manufacturing.

Develops short term options for crisis resolution.

Makes recommendations to management.

Reviews action taken and success of outcomes.

Regularly makes decisions which impact quality, time or cost; timely decisions are required regarding issues such as to proceed, abort work or work overtime.

Analyzes trend data from a variety of sources to determine true causes of problems.

Develops plans to anticipate, resolve and avoid future problems.

Coordinates and supports new product launches and retirements.

Creates and controls forecasting models for spare parts to predict product volume.

Considers market trends and influences that directly affect forecast accuracy.

Creates and manages shipment allocations.

Provides "available to promise" information for spare parts to each AOW or country.

Serves as team leader in projects that are cross functional in nature, e.g. new product improvements, compliance, site activities.

Communicates internal and external to AMD Abbott worldwide and to outside suppliers.

Act as a focal point for the assigned Commercial Operations Areas of the World (AOW) for spare part forecasts, placements, customer service levels, distribution plans, all other communications and decisions making.

Interprets Data and Information from Multiple Sources: Uses personal computers and mainframe applications to collect, analyze, and transmit financial and technical data; forecast future trends, identifies problems or issues and recommends actions for resolutions.

Assesses the impact of proposed decisions and initiate appropriate actions.

Examples: Analyzes area forecast and demand to develop build schedules for field service spares and intermediate level assemblies.

Analyzes market trends and conditions to anticipate price changes and avoid supply interruptions.

Develops Plans to Accomplish Goals: Develops plans to accomplish competing activities or projects with multiple organizations.

Example: Manages time and resources to ensure materials are available when required to meet master production schedule for major subs, intermediate assemblies and field service.

Applies Intermediate Material Management Practices to Ensure Continuity of.

Supply Chain: Executes intermediate level materials management practices, e.g. routings, capacity planning, develops planning BOM's, MPS and forecasts.

Examples: Develops adequate supplier base to stimulate competition and support production and internal customers.

Maintains routings on mfg. products.

Develops return material forecasts per established policies.

Manages the flow of returned material to optimize the utilization of the company assets.

Establishes and manages lot size policies and inventory objectives to support the level of service goals.

Ensures a continuous flow of material to both internal and external support organizations.

Negotiates contracts for outside services for internal customers.

Utilizes Financial Information: Makes day-to-day decisions which demonstrate a basic understanding of the financial business drivers.

Examples: Maintains inventory levels and order policy modifiers to meet monthly financial goals.

Understands PPV contributions, duty drawbacks, freight, discount payment terms and financial reports.

Exchanges Information: Exchanges information with appropriate frequency and within a time frame to maximize its utility and promote cross functional collaboration.

Example: Proactively communicates supply line interruptions from supplier to various functional areas.

Adapts Information to Customer Needs: Delivers communications tailored to the needs of the receiver (managers, peers, customers). Example: Synthesizes detailed information from multiple sources from supplier, production and qualit, presents summary data.

Makes Verbal Presentations: Defines purpose and objectives, organizes ideas, prepares A/V aids, keeps to time frame and presents persuasively.

Example: Makes presentations to suppliers on Abbott overview and various quality systems requirements.

Actively Listens: Listens actively to acquire information and understand the other's viewpoint.

Example: Understands supplier's limitations and requirements; determines ways to accommodate both supplier's and Abbott's needs.

Gives Constructive Feedback: Gives appropriate, helpful information, specific to the issue; uses examples.

Ties feedback to specific business issues.

Example: Counsels supplier on late delivery schedules to improve performance.

Provides feedback to individuals on timeliness of receipt transactions, backflushing and communication of significant cycle count adjustments.

Resolves Conflicts: Faces conflicts and takes initiative to resolve them constructively so all parties can be productive.

Knows when to involve others.

Example: Resolves delivery/quality issues with supplier by using corrective action/get well plans to communicate expectations.

Actively Participates in Team Meetings: Actively participates in client or team meetings by offering pro and con suggestions.

Works toward consensus.

Example: Represents planning/purchasing in new product launches or site projects and provides inputs and suggestions to meet goals.

Shares Resources, Knowledge and Accountability: Shares resources and knowledge; assures the team takes accountability.

Draws on strengths of each team member.

Example: Completes actions as assigned in project meetings, individually or utilizing others in functional area.

Serves in Multiple Team Roles: Serves as leader, contributor, facilitator, consultant, technical expert, arbitrator, evaluator according to the needs of the team and task.

Example: Serves as team member and/or leader on various projects for cost reductions, new software and hardware releases.

Initiates Decisions: Makes timely and effective decisions; considers alternatives, uses sound judgment.

Example: Determines needs for raw materials, commodities, services and intermediate subassemblies for production/internal customers and communicates to suppliers on a timely basis.

Influences/Negotiates: Defines the business needs of various parties and works out an agreement mutually acceptable to all parties.

Influences others to support a course of action.

Preserves in the face of adversity.

Example: Negotiates with supplier to ensure timely delivery of material even when supplier pricing and delivery do not support Abbott's needs.

Motivates Others: Keeps morale high by encouraging others, giving positive feedback, and setting a good example; makes and meets commitments.

Example: Recognizes peers, suppliers and external customers through reward and recognition programs.

Receives/Gives Performance Feedback: Asks for and gives feedback on the strengths and development needs of self/others.

Example: Participates in 360 degree feedback tool.

Identifies, Plans and Achieves Future Development Needs:

Prepares a plan that sets appropriate development goals, establishes time lines to fulfill development needs.

Balances the time needed for accomplishing current work and achieving development goals.

Example: Identifies personal career wants/needs and evaluates against the business needs.

Creates a realistic development plan.

Seeks regular feedback on improvement.

Monitors any changes in the business direction.

Recognizes and Quantifies Risk: Recognizes financial risks relative to established procedures and takes appropriate action.

Example: Evaluates probability of meeting major milestones with limited supporting data.

Elevates high exposure issues to upper management.

Aligns Operational Goals to Customer Needs: Makes recommendations to update operational procedures to accommodate internal/external customer needs.

Examples: Implements electronic file transfer to support customer needs and establish operating procedures.

Advises internal customers on regulatory requirements for ordering chemicals and biohazardous materials.


Manages assigned inventory and receipts.

Decisions have moderate impact (up to 25% ) to the assigned inventory and receipts.

Operates with limited supervision.

Reviews are held periodically with manager to monitor goals and objectives.

Complies with regulatory guidelines; understands and applies GMP, corporate financial/purchasing policies and site operating procedures.

Signature authority to requisition and/or commit company funds, in accordance with site and corporate financial policies.

Trains others within the area on materials procedures and processes.


Note: This job description is not to be considered an exhaustive statement of duties, responsibilities or requirements and does not limit the assignment of additional duties for this role.

Additional Qualifications

Bachelors degree Knowledge of regulations and standards affecting IVDs and Biologics. Bachelors degree required with 3-6 years manufacturing, materials, finance or marketing/sales experience. Exceptions to the degree requirement will be considered.

An Equal Opportunity Employer

Abbot welcomes and encourages diversity in our workforce.

We provide reasonable accommodation to qualified individuals with disabilities.

To request accommodation, please call 224-667-4913 or email